6000 Lives Extinguished:

The projected amount of lives taken by assisted suicide in a population roughly the size of California. Most importantly these six thousand lives would be taken without the knowledge or consent of the patient.

15,000 Lives Extinguished:

The projected cases of death intentionally and actively caused by physicians.

400 Lives Extinguished:

The projected number of new-born babies euthanized by lethal injection, a dozen of which would be killed without the consent or knowledge of their parents.

50,000 Lives Extinguished:

The projected cases of active or passive euthanasia in the full sense of an intent to bring about death, and of these only about 4,000 in accordance with the law’s requirements.

- These are scientifically projected results based on the euthanasia reports coming out of the Netherlands.

Based on an oral report presented by John M. Finnis to the House of Lords, 18 January, 2005 -

"It is the patient who is now responsible, in Holland, for avoiding the termination of his life: if he does not wish to be killed by his doctor, he must state it clearly, orally and in writing, well in advance."
- Netherlands report 2003


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