Our world today faces unprecedented technological change. Staggering developments in medicine, science, and technology offer increasingly greater control over discomfort, disease, death—and over our very selves. But for all the promise of these pursuits, potentially de-humanizing problems emerge with humanity’s ability to take, make, and fake human life.

Taking Life
Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
What’s Wrong with Physician Assisted Suicide?
Stem Cell Research
Fetal Genetic Testing

Making Life
What’s Wrong with Third Party Assisted Reproduction?
Egg Donation
    –– What’s Wrong With Egg Donation?
    –– CBC Legislative Packet: Egg Donation
    –– Worldwide Human Egg Laws
Sperm Donation
    –– CBC Legislative Packet: Sperm Donation
    –– What’s Wrong with Sperm Donation?
    –– What’s Wrong with Surrogacy?
    –– Statement on New Jersey’s Gestational Carrier Agreement Act
    –– State-by-State Summary of Surrogacy
    –– Worldwide Surrogacy Laws
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Faking Life
Human Cloning
Human Enhancement and Transhumanism

What’s Wrong Series
What’s Wrong With Physician Assisted Suicide?
What’s Wrong Third Party Reproduction?
What’s Wrong With Egg Donation?
What’s Wrong With Sperm Donation?
What’s Wrong with Surrogacy?