Post’s Junk Biology Pushes Human Cloning

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Here we go again! Now that human cloning has been done with adult cells, the pro-cloning crowd pushes it using junk biology–just as they did in years past. First at bat: The Washington Post in an editorial. It acknowledges that embryonic stem cell research is controversial because it destroys embryos. Then, it pretends that human […]

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How Media Helps Push Us Off Suicide Cliff

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I’ve seen it again and again in my more than twenty years of opposing assisted suicide: the media promote suicide in the guise of reporting the news. Indeed, these days, it is almost a universal rule. Here’s the biased–both by what is reported and what isn’t–usual pattern: 1. Make sure the headline promotes assisted suicide, particularly important since […]

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An Update on Cindy’s Story from Breeders

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A Texas appeals court has ruled that Cindy Close, who is featured in our film Breeders: A Subclass of Women?, is the legal mother of her twins. Cindy was in a non-romantic relationship with Marvin McMurrey III when they decided to have children together using donor eggs and his sperm for Close to conceive via […]

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Adults Cloned! Outlaw Before It’s Too Late

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Once Dolly the sheep was manufactured, human cloning was always mostly a matter of developing the right technique. As I described elsewhere, it was a bit ago using fetal cells. Now it has apparently been done with adult cells by Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology. From the Time story: ​​In this case, cells from a 35-year-old man […]

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Pregnancy, why bother?

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There are those hushed, polite conversations when people wondered why Tag Romney and his wife, who already had three children naturally, chose to have three more children via gestational surrogacy.  The celebrity surrogate pregnancy stories always raise more eyebrows.  Why did Sarah Jessica Parker, already a proven birth mother, use another woman’s body to have […]

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Govt. Pay Seniors to Sign Advance Directive?

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I am in favor of advance directives. And I usually like Senator Tom Coburn, But this idea seems wrong-headed to me. Coburn has introduced the Medicare Choices Empowerment and Protection Act, that would pay Medicare beneficiaries to prepare an advance directive. From the story: The “Medicare Choices Empowerment and Protection Act” was introduced Friday by Sen. […]

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Some Dutch Pharmacists Say No to Euthanasia

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As we move into a morally polyglot society–with the culture of death rushing to the fore–the question of medical conscience will become increasingly hot button. This is apparently already occurring in the Netherlands where many pharmacists apparently refuse to dispense drugs for use in lethal injection doctor-administered homicides. From the story: Dutch pharmacists sometimes refuse […]

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Embryo Value Debated in Europe Too

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Pro embryo-destructive research activists are often so irrational. They claim than an embryo isn’t an embryo but merely a “bunch of cells.” Well, for the reductionist minded, so are they. They claim that an embryo is no different than the cells you kill when you brush your teeth. But embryos are organisms and mouth cells are […]

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Switzerland’s War on the Elderly

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The UK media has reported the case of a third healthy elderly woman in the last several weeks having flown to Switzerland to be made dead. From the Express story: ANOTHER British woman has been helped to die at a Swiss suicide clinic because she had grown tired of life, the Sunday Express can reveal. The 99-year-old Londoner, […]

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Attack of the Sperminator

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A recent article in the New York Post profiles Ed Houben, a 44-year-old Dutch man who has at least 99 children around the world resulting from his efforts as a serial sperm donor for the past fifteen years. Unlike most sperm donors who enter the practice for the extra cash involved, Houben’s donations are entirely […]

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