Early Reviews: The Coverage So Far

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“Anonymous Father’s Day” Profiles Children of Sperm Donors

Anonymous Father’s Day is a film about adults of anonymous sperm donors and their perspective which is the one we most need to hear.

New documentary gives voice to adult children of sperm donors

The 45-minute documentary was so absorbing I watched it twice . . . a profound documentary

Anonymous Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day again — that is, Anonymous Father’s Day, a time to become aware of what the children of donor dads think of their absent, unknown progenitors.

Fatherless: New documentary questions morality of anonymous sperm donation industry

“There is more concern about the health and safety consequences of a minivan than there is about the health and safety consequences of children conceived with donor sperm.”

Anonymous Father’s Day: Children of Sperm Donors Speak

Donor children often feel the same curiosity or longing to know their origins that some adopted children feel. With the difference that the quest for their biological dad often ends up with a number, not a name.

Anonymous Father’s Day»: documental sobre la industria lucrativa de los donadores de esperma

En el documental quedan plasmados el dolor, la nostalgia y la incertidumbre de personas nacidas sin conocer quién era su padre.

New doco explores pain of children of anonymous sperm donors

Anonymous Father’s Day features the reflections of now adult children fathered anonymously. They share the pain, longing and uncertainties created by the secrecy of their conceptions.

Dec. 2, 2011