California Physician Assisted Suicide Bill Moving To Vote

by Christopher White, Ramsey Institute Project Director on June 2, 2015

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During last week’s This Week in Bioethics update, I alerted you to the fact that the California Physician Assisted Suicide Bill was in suspense in the state senate and would likely fail.

I am sad to report that in a surprise move, the state senate’s appropriations committee has approved the bill and moved it forward for a vote by the full senate.

This follows the decision by the California Medical Associate to formally remove its opposition to physician assisted suicide and to take a “neutral” stance towards the practice.

Doctors dedicate their lives’ work to the practice of healing and saving life. A bill like this perverts such work and dedication. It jeopardizes the integrity of the entire profession.

We encourage all Californians who care about the defeat of this bill to call their state senators, write letters to their editors, share information about it on your social media platforms, and work together to promote care for patients—not killing.


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