Grandma Has Twins, Single Mom has Octuplets and Lesbians Sue and Win

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President on February 14, 2009

Has the world gone mad? You’d think! But these are the headlines in this weeks news as it relates to the reproductive-medicine-gone-wild world we live in. Remember, Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys!

Check out these stories:

Health officials split over cost of treating 60-year-old mom

“Hayer and her husband, Jagir, both 60 and originally from India, have been trying unsuccessfully to have children for about four decades.

She is believed to be the oldest woman to give birth in Canada after delivering the fraternal twins on Tuesday via caesarean section.”

Lesbians win $300K compo over double IVF bungle

“A LESBIAN couple who said having two IVF babies instead of one damaged their relationship have won an appeal against their doctor and been awarded $317,000 in compensation.”

These stories and headlines sound straight out of National Enquirer. But sadly they are true. And give you a glimpse into just how far people will go in their pursuit of having children at the expense of so many, least the children involved.

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