Entertainment at the Expense of Children

by Christopher White, CBC Director of Education and Programs

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A new graphic novel, Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag, chronicles the pregnancy journey of a lesbian named Teek and her partner, Vee. While the novel is fiction, it’s based on the author’s own experience parenting her son. It’s a humorous take on the subject of lesbian pregnancies with one reviewer noting “This […]


These Issues, This Work…Faithfully, Charitably

by Jennifer Lahl, CBC President

As I write, I am in the midst of a season of busy travel, showing our films Breeders and Eggsploitation, speaking about surrogacy and egg donation, attending and speaking at conferences, and meeting with allies and supporters. All this comes on the heels of one of our best Paul Ramsey Award Dinners ever. Dr. William […]


Alabama Supremes Accept Unborn Child Rights

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This will not impact the abortion issue because of federal preemption. But the Alabama Supreme Court has accepted that fetuses and embryos “from the earliest stages of development,” qualify as a “child” under Alabama law. The case involves a law that criminalizes exposing a child to harmful chemicals. Sarah Janie Hicks took cocaine while pregnant, […]

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Soylent Green is Fetuses

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I reported here a bit ago about how some hospitals in the UK were using the bodies of aborted and miscarried fetuses as fuel for the heating system. Now, dead fetuses are being incinerated to create electricity in Oregon and Canada. From the Lifesitenews story: The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of […]

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Post’s Junk Biology Pushes Human Cloning

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Here we go again! Now that human cloning has been done with adult cells, the pro-cloning crowd pushes it using junk biology–just as they did in years past. First at bat: The Washington Post in an editorial. It acknowledges that embryonic stem cell research is controversial because it destroys embryos. Then, it pretends that human […]

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How Media Helps Push Us Off Suicide Cliff

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I’ve seen it again and again in my more than twenty years of opposing assisted suicide: the media promote suicide in the guise of reporting the news. Indeed, these days, it is almost a universal rule. Here’s the biased–both by what is reported and what isn’t–usual pattern: 1. Make sure the headline promotes assisted suicide, particularly important since […]

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An Update on Cindy’s Story from Breeders

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A Texas appeals court has ruled that Cindy Close, who is featured in our film Breeders: A Subclass of Women?, is the legal mother of her twins. Cindy was in a non-romantic relationship with Marvin McMurrey III when they decided to have children together using donor eggs and his sperm for Close to conceive via […]

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Adults Cloned! Outlaw Before It’s Too Late

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Once Dolly the sheep was manufactured, human cloning was always mostly a matter of developing the right technique. As I described elsewhere, it was a bit ago using fetal cells. Now it has apparently been done with adult cells by Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology. From the Time story: ​​In this case, cells from a 35-year-old man […]

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Pregnancy, why bother?

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There are those hushed, polite conversations when people wondered why Tag Romney and his wife, who already had three children naturally, chose to have three more children via gestational surrogacy.  The celebrity surrogate pregnancy stories always raise more eyebrows.  Why did Sarah Jessica Parker, already a proven birth mother, use another woman’s body to have […]

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Govt. Pay Seniors to Sign Advance Directive?

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I am in favor of advance directives. And I usually like Senator Tom Coburn, But this idea seems wrong-headed to me. Coburn has introduced the Medicare Choices Empowerment and Protection Act, that would pay Medicare beneficiaries to prepare an advance directive. From the story: The “Medicare Choices Empowerment and Protection Act” was introduced Friday by Sen. […]

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